How to Apply For Federal Government N-Power Programme

N-Power is a Federal Government of Nigeria programme under the social investment programme for job creation and empowerment initiatives. It is a programme of the FGN to help reduce unemployment by helping them to create jobs and engaging them in activities while unemployed.

N-Power Recruitment Criteria

To apply for N-Power, you must meet certain criteria:

Age is between 18-35 years

An unemployed graduate or undergraduate

Problem-solving skills; Analytical

Able to undertake self-tutorship

Basic illustration skills for animation and graphic arts. If you meet all of the above, then you are ready for the next steps! Remember, in order to take part in the N-Power you will have to pass relevant tests, push yourself beyond the comfort zone, develop your skills on your own and have a genuine interest in the area that you picked.

Registration requirements: In order to apply for the N-Power 2017, you have to create an account at the official website. To create this account, there are certain requirements that are necessary for this procedure. They are:

Username:You need a name that you will be using to log into your profile. It has to be simple but at the same time unique. You can use your nickname, if you have one, your name with added symbols, your pet name or any other thing that you can think of. Just make sure you remember what it is.

Email address:All information and updates will come to you through an existing email address. You will also use it to recover your password or to log in to your account.

Password: It has to be hard enough so that nobody will log into your account but at the same time easy enough, so you will be able to remember. Don’t use your date of birth, the name of your pet or your friend. Try to be creative! Make sure to remember it or write down and put it in a safe place where nobody, except you, will find it.

Requirements for job application:In order to fill the future job application for graduates, you will need an active email address (the one that you use to create the account) and the following:

Degree certificate

BVN Number

NYSC discharge certificate


Passport photographs

how to apply for N-Power? Since you know all the requirements and have all the needed documents, you are ready to start an application online at the official website. Follow the steps below:


or Go to

Click “Registration” where you need to input your username, email, and password.

Click “Register” after completing the form.

Go to your email account in order to verify your registration.

After verifying, go to the main page of the N-Power portal and log in using your new username and password.

Click on Program. You will see a couple of highlighted areas.

Explore the menu.

After choosing an area, you will see course details, overview, different criteria and other useful information.

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